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Materia Medica

Henriette's Herbal Homepage
Health World 's Herbal Materia Medica
Chinese Herbal Materia Medica
Michael Moore's Materia Medica
Herbal Medicine Databases
Botanical dot com - Mrs. Grieves online

Buying Bulkily

Mrs. Thompson's - and Celtic goodies

The Thyme Garden - ummmmm

Mountain Rose Herbs - just down the road a piece

San Francisco Herb Company

Glory Bee - speaking of hives

Frontier Natural Products Coop

Mother Herbs and Agro Products - profiles Indian herbs

There are a zillion places out there to purchase herbs and related items. The above list should just whet your appetite for more searching!!

Related Herb Fun...

Native American Crafts - Natural Dyes

Aurora Silk - natural fibres and dyes

Dharma Trading Co. - starter kits for textile work

Herbs to Dye for 

Brief History of dyeing - from a SCA textile person

Making Teas and more #1

Stony Mountain Botanicals

History and Lore - just one of many sites with herbal history

Language of flowers - ever wanted to know just WHAT that bouquet was telling you? Learn how to decode here.

Plants, Flowers & Trees - Nice info from a Tibetan Buddhism site.